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Buy Super Silver Haze Marijuana Online Super Silver Haze is a sativa cannabis strain that bares a spicy, citrus taste with skunky undertones. Some reviewers have noted a hint of cheesy taste and scent to it. When ready for reaping, it often has a lime green tint to its leaves and curly, bright orange hairs. Buy Super Silver Haze

Its THC levels average at 16% but have known to reach at least 23%. Its high is described as best for mornings – boosting energy while creating a long-lasting body buzz. Reviewers note it’s a good strain for reducing stress and uplifting the spirits for a good, productive day. . Depending on potency, some reviewers have described Super Silver Haze’s high as psychedelic and thought provoking. Buy Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze

Buy Super Silver Haze

Many refer to Super Silver Haze as the King of Sativa cannabis seeds, and we won’t argue with that title! Since the 90’s when it was introduced and won several awards including the High Times Cannabis Cup more than ones, it has been one of the most popular strains out there. There are several versions though so you need to carefully buy Super Silver Haze from seed banks. When you buy what we offer, you get a marijuana plant that is easy to grow and offers plenty of resin. Buy Super Silver Haze

We are excited to share with you why our Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds can offer so much more. It has to do with how we select the breeders we work with. There aren’t too many standards in this industry but we have our own guidelines and we set them very high. We don’t work with breeders who can’t meet or exceed our expectations on a consistent basis. Buy Super Silver Haze


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