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Products high in CBD and lower in THC. Not formulated to get you high!!! Made for Pain Relief!!!  Dosage Information: Average dose is 5-7 drops; For Extreme Pain, recommended dose is 15-30 drops three times a day. Specify Strain: Cannatonic & Lemon Haze *High CBD*

Buy Tincture Online

Buy Tincture Online Tincture Herbs have been a part of human healing practice for tens of thousands
of years, and have been use not only to treat specific conditions, but also as preventatives and
health supports. Tinctures can be use to help reach many goals like reducing pain, improving the
immune system and they may even be able to help with stress. Tinctures are generally consider
to be liquid extracts from plants that may have healing properties.While alcohol is often use
to extract these healing natural compounds, they can also be extracted using substances such
as apple cider vinegar or glycerin. Because most of these tinctures contain the concentrate
healing compounds from the plant, and are in liquid form, they will usually be absorbed
into the body quickly.

Tinctures for Herbal Healing

The best way to get the benefits of liquid tinctures is to add them to juices or water; this will avoid any possibility of a burning sensation in the mouth. Some of the tinctures is made with organic alcohol and other is alcohol free. Even those tinctures that contain alcohol will not add much of an alcohol load to your body – the amount will be extremely small. However, for those who do want to avoid alcohol completely, we do supply natural, alcohol-free tinctures. Spray throat tinctures may be use not only on a sore or inflame throat, but on cuts or abrasions on the skin.Tincture

How Tinctures Provide Health Benefits

Because tinctures are more concentrated than the parent herb itself, they may be able to provide speedier healing benefits. The range of conditions that tinctures may be able to help with include prostate difficulties, gastrointestinal upsets, respiratory ailments, coughs, and immune system support. Many tinctures also provide strong, natural antiviral and antibacterial benefits. If you ever feel yourself getting anxious or even depressed, you may find that a tincture that contains St. John’s Wort could help to improve your outlook and give you a more positive attitude. Tinctures may provide gluten free, natural, vegan solutions to some of life’s health problems.Tincture


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