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Purple Urkle without question one of the best insomnia and migraine headache medicines you can find.

Buy Purple Urkle Kush Online Purple Urkle is a sleep promoting strain. These flowers smell slightly sweet and fruity like both berries and grape with hints of skunk. This strain will leave users extremely relaxed and ready for a nap with pleasant body tingling.

Forget about your chronic pain, forget your anxiety! Purple Urkle is here to save your day. All it takes is one good toke to feel extremely relaxed yet functional. More tokes and you’ll be catapulted to a very nice place of relaxation with potential for giggles, on giggles, on giggles… if you wish to go there.

If you have ADD or OCD, this strain is for you. Our Purple Urkle will calm your nerves and sooth your anxiety.

The Urkle has this special ability to completely calm your mind after a few minutes of taking a toke, a bong rip, or a vape.

The taste is delicious – it reminds us of Grape Soda with a hint of berry sweetness – and the high brings back memories and feelings of getting stoned for the first time.

Purple Urkle is definitely a strain for experienced smokers. It may cause sleepiness for some, but for me, it gets me right where I need to be

Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted

Medical Effects: Insomnia, Pain, Depression, Headaches, Stress

THC: 25%

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