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One of my favorites, Jacks Frost gives a very happy, uplifting high. Many people (including myself) find that it is a great strain for creativity, thinking and conversation.


Buy Jacks Frost Marijuana Online

Buy Jacks Frost Marijuana Online Jack Frost was developed over 5 years of persistence in order to

improve on the potency and aroma of this strain. Initially with a lineage of Jack HererWhite Widow,

and Northern Lights #5, these strains were bred before then introducing Rainbow Kashmiri

(now it its third year of exclusive inbreeding).  THC content in this strain has been measure

up to 22.6%.Buy Jacks Frost Marijuana Online

Jack Frost is a beautiful green plant that is cover in crystals and hairs. This strain is a solid hybrid

that will keep you in the most lifted mood, while allowing you to stay focused and motivated, keeping

you in a floaty and dreamy mood for the rest of the day and took more than 5 years to truly perfect its

genetic makeup.Buy Jacks Frost Marijuana Online

Jacks Frost Marijuana

What result is a potent and aromatic hybrid that is balance and has already accumulate a loyal

fan-base, due to its many appealing and enjoyable effects.

This hybrid was create by crossing legend strain Jack Herer with equally impressive

strains White Widow and Northern Lights #5. Jack Frost is know for its high THC,

often measure at around 23%, and is instantly recognizable due to its unique citrus

and earthy fragrance.

This hybrid can make you feel uplifted, and its Northern Lights lineage guarantees

you a certain calmness in your demeanor, which often translates into an added sense

of confidence. Jack Frost can make you feel physically relaxed, without weighing you

down, with fun bursts of euphoria coming through.Buy Jacks Frost Marijuana Online


Jack Frost is a happy smoke, a balance hybrid that will have you grinning from ear to ear, even if you have no reason at all. This strain is the perfect choice for social gatherings, as it will make you extra chatty and able to keep up with inspired and interesting conversations around you.Buy Jacks Frost Marijuana Online


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