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The latest variety to join our fleet is the devastatingly strong Darkstar™. This mega Indica not only grows ridiculously dense buds, but the potency is out of this world. Darkstar™ is a great plant for those seeking pain relief, appetite enhancement and other worldly activities. Darkstar™ is a dream to grow with its high calyx to leave ratio, making it a breeze to manicure. So grab some Darkstar™ today and begin your countdown to the launch.


Buy Dark Star Marijuana

Buy Dark Star Marijuana Because of the popularity of strains name after Star Wars, some people actually

think of this strain as related to the movie. Of course, the Death Star is different. But one thing we do know

is that this strain was name after a song by the Grateful Dead.Buy Dark Star Marijuana

Buy Dark Star Marijuana is one of the few strains with higher CBD level but even so, it is unfortunate that it

does not meet the needs of patients suffering from seizure and epilepsy. However, what the Death Star could

do well is what makes it popular among cannabis users.Buy Dark Star Marijuana.

Buy Dark Star Marijuana

This is an ideal bud for those who suffer from insomnia, chronic pain, nausea, or muscle spasms as it is an

all over sedative that will wipe out any and all pain in minutes. Because it offers an uplifting high, it is also

great for the treatment of symptoms regarding mental health and mood disorders such as depression, stress,

anxiety, bipolar, and mild cases of PTSD. Be aware, because the CBD levels of this strain are almost untraceable

it is not recommended for any illness where CBD is required as part of the treatment.Buy Dark Star Marijuana

 Dark Star Marijuana

This sweet latte flavored bud is a great choice for anyone looking to relax after a long day at work, or better

yet to relieve some stress and pain built up throughout the day. If you suffer from low appetite, enjoy DarkStar

with a snack close by and settle in for the night.Buy Dark Star Marijuana

Dark Star’s true indica effects are as spacey as its name suggests: a deep, relaxe sensation throughout the

body accompanied by a heavy cerebral calm. Though celestial in its effects, the strain is more likely homage

to the Grateful Dead’s song “Dark Star.” A cross between Purple Kush and Mazar-I-Sharif, This dark, almost

bluish strain was first bred indoors by T.H. Seeds, and comes as a challenge to many growers with its slow, 10-week flowering period. Its sour-smelling buds are dense and compact, ornamented with crystals and copper hairs.Buy Dark Star Marijuana



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