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Buy Cannabis Chocolate Fudge Online 

Buy Cannabis Chocolate Fudge Online ,Cannabis Chocolate Fudge more like a 4-bite brownie. This has 100 mg per brownie so don’t over-indulge Remember that with all edibles it can take up to 1.5 hours to fully kick in. Be patient
CONTAINS NUTS ( If you have a nut allergy, we can custom bake a ‘no-nut’ version. Minimum order is 24. Contact us by phone to order.Buy Cannabis Chocolate Fudge Online

Buy Cannabis Chocolate Fudge Online

DOSE: 100 mg THC in 40g brownie
PROFILE: THC dominant – 100.4mg THC, 9.16mg CBG, 3.5mg other cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBC)

INGREDIENTS: unsweeten chocolate, white sugar, butter, all purpose flour, eggs, organic vanilla, salt, walnuts

STORAGE: We recommend that edibles be stored in the fridge or freezer to preserve freshness. 

ALLERGY ALERT: All edibles are made in a kitchen that uses nuts, peanuts, Cannabis Chocolate Fudge ,gluten etc. 

These High-THC brownies are perfect when you want a good dose of THC in delicious edible form. They are the perfect combination of a classic brownies recipe mix with a high THC strain. The famous brownies with pot that are a storied part of cannabis recipes, cooking, and culture.

Whether you call them pot brownies, weed brownies, marijuana brownies, or cannabis brownies, this THC edible is the one you’re looking for.

Buy Cannabis Chocolate Fudge Online- Use this cannabis infused treat to temporarily relieve symptoms associated with Chronic Pain- HIV/AIDS– Multiple Sclerosis- Arthritis- and other conditions. You’ve got to try this THC infused chocolate fudge!

Ingredients: Semi-sweet chocolate- brown sugar- whipping cream- cane sugar- marshmallows- butter- vanilla extract- 75mg winterized BHO.

Cannabis Chocolate Fudge is an easy to make favorite that is just perfect for the munchies after a good session. What you might like to try is to combine the fudge with the session- with this great- delicious and potent cannabis fudge recipe.

Buy Cannabis Chocolate Fudge Online |  Cannabis Chocolate Fudge For Sale Online

Marijuana High

Marijuana is a drug that is smoke- either in a cigarette or in a bong. There are other interesting ways that are now available- such as a capsule and as a tincture dissolve in an alcohol base. Cannabis as a food is also a great way to get the effect without the smoke.

The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in cannabis is a chemical that has an interesting feature.

It is call a hydrophobic substance- which means that it is scare of water and will try to move away from it. It is a great way to use water to extract the THC into another product that will then be full of lovely potent THC.

Order Cannabis Chocolate Fudge Online

When parts of the marijuana plant such as the leave is shred and then put in to hot water the THC is extract.

If a substance such as oil or butter is then put in the mixture then the THC will move into the oil contain in the butter- remember its scare of the water and wants to hide. In this way a mixture of butter- water and shred cannabis plant can be made. The THC from parts of the marijuana plant normally disposed of is now intensified into potent marijuana butter.

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You need to strain the mixture while it is still warm- as this will prevent any of the not particularly nice sautéed cannabis leaf ending up in the final product. The mixture left can be cool- which will harden the marijuana butter making it easy to remove from the remaining water.

Buy Cannabis Chocolate Fudge Online-  This powerful cannabis butter can be use in any recipe that you would normally use butter with. It is quite strong so be careful with quantities- as it is difficult to judge the strength of each batch.

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