5 Cannabis Strains You Should Be Excited About in 2019

5 Cannabis Strains You Should Be Excited About in 2019

Buy Legal Marijuana Online USA I checked out a lot of exciting genetics at the Emerald Cup last month.

Here, breeders and growers gathered to show off their very best strains—it was clear which seed packs

were selling out and which new cultivars breeders were most proud of.Buy Legal Marijuana Online USA

Last year, I found hits like White Tahoe Cookies and Mimosa. But ultimately, there’s no perfect science to forecast exactly which strains will perform well in the garden.

So, as you scan dispensary menus, keep an eye out for these intriguing genetics. All show a lot of promise, but only time will tell if they become mainstays in 2019 and beyond.Buy Legal Marijuana Online USA

Already popping up on dispensary menus, Wedding Crasher is another exciting cultivar from Symbiotic Genetics. By combining the the smooth vanilla flavors of Wedding Cake with the sweet grape notes of Purple Punch, Symbiotic developed a mellow, earthy strain with sharp gassy highlights and a sweet berry finish.

PB Soufflé is a strain from the pHinest and Cannarado collaboration. The breeders worked together to produce a line of elite genetics that utilizes tissue culture to ensure vigor and minimize genetic flaws and susceptibility to disease.

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I can’t get enough of Exotic Genetix’s strains. Their flowers are always big and bursting with a variety of flavors that are all on point. If you’ve tried strains like Cookies and CreamTina, or Grease Monkey then you already know.

Blueberry Muffin is not a new strain but it’s one of the many lines of fascinating genetics produced by the Humboldt Seed Co. As one of their signatures, Blueberry Muffin—sometimes called Blueberry Muffins—is an in-house favorite at Humboldt Seed Co. for its uniform structure and purple-tinted flowers.Buy Legal Marijuana Online USA

True to its name, the Blueberry and Purple Panty Dropper cross smells like a tray of fresh baked muffins. Its berry sweetness is softened by a smooth, creamy finish and makes for a tasty joint.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government had hoped to make pot legal by July 1, but the government has said provincial and territorial governments will need eight to 12 weeks following Senate passage and royal assent to prepare for retail sales. Buy Legal Marijuana Online USA

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